Belief in GOD is completely rational.
Below are a few pointers to help you reflect on this.

First Cause
Like the push of the first domino which culminates in the fall of the last domino in a domino run we are aware that every consequence in this universe had a preceding action. What was the first action? What “started the ball rolling?” If we ask the question “why?” to any answer and repeat the question to each successive answer we must take each answer back one stage. We could ask the question “why” only a limited number of times and then the last question could not be answered. We must ultimately infer a first cause. Our day to day existence is much of a routine. The sun rises and the sun sets. The crops are planted grow and are harvested. The cycle of birth, life and death repeats itself. The seasons turn around. We live as if we always lived but this is false. There was always something which proceeded and ultimately the original was all there ever was. GOD   

Everything in our body and what we live in is functional.
It shouts out design to us. Gravity was designed to hold us down. The earth was designed to be the right size and spin at the right speed. Air was designed to let us breathe. Water was designed to let us drink. Plants were designed to sustain the food chain. The sun was designed to be the right size, give the exact warmth and provide growth, positioned exactly at the correct distance from the earth. The body itself is incredible. Everything has a function. A car with a disconnected ignition wire would be useless. Everything needs to be completely in place. Consider the eye or the circulatory system or the immune system. It is too wonderful to conceive of as being self-manufacturing.
It was designed and created as was the beauty and infinite variety which was given to us on this planet.
The story goes that a man and his atheist friend were walking in the forest. They find a watch at the side of the path. The watch is ticking.  The man says “look a watch has grown here”. The atheist says “Don’t be silly a watch cannot grow it needs intelligence to design and plan its creation. It needs someone to select and obtain all the right materials and craft them together. It needs to be wound up to start working.” The man asked him why he did not believe in God. How can infinitely more complex living beings and all the living creatures and plant life on a life sustaining planet within a functioning universe exist without the work of a designing power? You believe in the watchmaker even in his absence. Believe in GOD

People have an inbuilt sense of right and wrong. Where did this come from? Denying the existence of God does not dispel the mysteries of life. People have a persistent longing for more than this life has to offer. There is something about truth, beauty, love that makes our hearts ache.   

Even in our anger we draw upon a moral conscience to argue that life is not as it ought to be.
We are drawn to something that is more rather than less than ourselves. Moral conscience and the ability to have consciousness i.e. the awareness of our existence, our communication and our memories and our hopes for the future are part of our being.

This sense of our identity, who and what we are is inbuilt in us. Sometimes referred to as the “ghost in the machine,” human spirit or spirituality reflects the stamp of a spiritual creator which is much more than material. 
It is a stamp of GOD

One of the greatest evidences of God is that people have and are experiencing God. In addition to the fact that Bible prophecies have been fulfilled to the dot thousands of years after they were made in the face of massive statistical odds weighted against them millions of people throughout time, including the person writing this leaflet, have claimed to have experienced God. Countless miracles have been documented. There are countless amazing stories of Christian experiences which are beyond natural happenings or co-incidence. Christians are not surprised by people who say they have never experienced God. The Gospel message teaches that mankind has been cut off from God as a consequence of sin and that Jesus the Son of God died to reconcile i.e. bring back together, mankind and God. A sinner being out of touch with God is the condition that we all start from and this accords with Christian teaching. However millions of Christians worldwide attest to real spiritual experience when they were awakened to this, repented and found God.