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A Christian Message for Scottish Young People
and anyone else who cares (or dares) to read it

Thank you for visiting this site. As you read through it be assured that we, as 
Christians, care about you and want the best for you. You are indeed special.
Some of the stuff written here may sound a bit like a lecture but it isn’t at all.
It’s a challenge to get you thinking about the things that really matter.

There’s a lot of drifting going on nowadays and some young people end up where they didn’t really intend to go - on the rocks.

              Please don’t do that. Set a sure course for a
              sure destination and check out your life’s journey
with the one who knows best 
- Your Heavenly Father.

We want to reach people and help them to understand the positive Christian Message which not only produces a happy, healthy, safe and certain lifestyle but is also, in the experience and reasoned understanding of committed Christians, the TRUTH.

Historically Scotland’s wholesome values, worthy laws and stable society traditions
were all shaped by Christian truths.

It is important that we acknowledge these truths.

There is much madness in our modern society. Reckless chaotic living produced by unfettered lifestyle philosophy is now commonplace in the streets and homes of our land.

"Within the human makeup there is a pre-existent disposition to gain momentarily pleasurable release or relief. This involves throwing off restraint and replacing it with a
self-granting of uninhibited abandon to base spontaneous desires. Driven by these inner unrestrained feelings spontaneous acts of self-gratification take place with a closed mind to their consequences."

All of the above to say that, (using an old fashioned word,) “SIN” is nowadays looked on as fun and not only permissible but expected.
Pause and Think:(REF: Sin)

SIN (i.e. the giving in to the selfish urges which we have been talking about above) can (if truth be told) make you feel good for a moment but (if truth be told) can wreck your whole life in less than a day.

Pause and Think: (REF: Results of Sin)


Within the last generation there has been a monumental shift in the way young people think and live.
Young people are now free from the censorship which institutions claimed was for their own good. Many now feed there minds and souls on unfettered lyrics drummed home by strong beat and rhythm. The language and aggression of these unrestrained role models has no commercial currency in mild-mannered gentle presentations but taps into the excitement of basic human instincts for the forbidden described at the start of this message. It successfully enlists young people to be aggressive and self-defending, anger ignited, rebellion encouraged and passion enflamed to get what they want in this life.

Life itself is often devalued. It is not “cool” to believe in God so life is by some modern definitions “godless”.
This makes lots of money for the pop moguls but at whose expense? 

“Are you being conned out of the life that God, who created you, wants for you?
We as Christians would like young people to think through the claims of Christ the Saviour as the Revelation of God and the real role model for the life you were meant to have.

We encourage you to stop and think seriously.

Pause and Think:(REF:WHO IS CHRIST?) .

The pace of young people giving up God has been fuelled by the change towards Scottish institutional multi-cultural accommodation. Not so long ago governments and schools would pray in the name of Jesus and linked to the church as a Christian Nation. Nowadays they are careful not to offend and so adopt no observable set belief preference stance. This sends mixed messages about “FAITH.”

Young people see through patronising words and stances and read between the lines and assume that religion is outdated. Young people don’t always see the institutional moulds which heads of institutions press themselves into to progress their careers.

What is being said here is that Scotland has lost the clear simple Christian Message which was obvious and cohesive e.g. during the war when the nation was called to days of Christian Prayer. Modern Scotland has created a vacuum giving no clear faith message to the youth of today. There is no declaration as to what is truth.

Institutions are made out of people and every individual has now to be self-motivated to find the truth for themselves but often they are too busy or are misled to think that it is not really important. Because schools now teach them about lots of religions many young people assume they are all the same and it is too confusing or irrelevant.
No national lead is given by the government so again it is assumed that it can’t be important. In modern Scotland young people are under unprecedented contemporary pressure. This is usually divorced from any input from the older generation.
Modern technology allows the profusion of peer group norms at breakneck speed.

Young people are being told by their contemporaries, the media and society modellers what they are to think and wear and how they are to behave.

The pressure to conform is immediate and immense. Texting, instant messaging and twittering are not only compulsive and addictive but they also take on a group mind and a spirit of their own.

It is understandable that many young people don’t want left out of the flow and so they often adapt to the social pressures without thinking through what is happening to them.

This adaptation is facilitated speedily and secretly.

Access to "forbidden fruit" has never been so easy.

We ask you “Are you being robbed?

Do you think self gratifying lifestyles with their immoral acts really satisfy?” They  may excite but they do not deeply satisfy.
Many young people nowadays have expensive things and expensive experiences including early experiences at the extremity of life’s sensual pleasures but they lack peace in their inner selves.
They are left impatient, frustrated and confused. Peace is missing.
Peace in the inner being is a spiritual thing.

Pause and Think:(REF: INNER PEACE

1) Consider there is a God. We would not be trying to reach you with this truth if there was dubiety in out minds about it. The miracle of existence and the stage of the universe set to allow our existence glorifies God’s existence.
We care because we have experienced God in our lives and would like you to experience Him too.

Pause and Think: (REF: Belief in God)

There is some shallow thinking going on with many young people.
Statements roll of the tongues of many young people saying things like: “Scientists have proven that there is no  God” and “We evolved from apes, we were not created.”
These statements are not genuine factual reasons for not believing in God and the truth is many scientists believe deeply in God with some actually becoming convinced as a result of their scientific work. 

Pause and Think:  (REF: Science and Faith)

The theory of Evolution is in reality a red herring and does not answer basic questions about why matter exists and life formed to an amazing interdependent complexity. Deeper thinking about this theory throws up the true incredibility surrounding a belief in a non-intelligent directed existence within a world and universe set to accommodate life.

Pause and Think: (REF: Evolution and Faith )

2) Consider there is a way God wants you to live and has made a door of access to it for you. The truth is that the Christian life is the most exciting and most fulfilling life there is. Christians are the happiest people on earth because they have been forgiven and reconnected to God. It is better felt than told.

Pause and Think: (REF: The Way of Salvation)

3) Consider that God has indeed left a record of truth and direction for us.
The Bible today is a much neglected book but in reality it is a unique book with uncanny predictions which were fulfilled to the letter. It is not blind faith that encourages Christians to fully accept it as the word of God. It works and it rings true. Some wise guy once said “If all else fails read the instructions”. We would encourage you to take a fresh look at the Bible.

Pause and Think:  (REF: THE BIBLE)

4) Lastly consider that death is not the end. Most of us have attended funerals and may have sat through religious services with big questions in our minds. How is it that Christians have a hope beyond the grave and are convinced about this? Knowing the truth of the Bible with Christ’s promises and having a real Christian experience has settled this question for millions of Christians around the world. It can also settle this ultimate question for you.

Pause and Think: (REF: 10: After you die?)

It is time to rebel against the evils of this modern world and its pressure on you to conform. Time to get real with God?

Have you got what it takes to stand up and be counted for God? You won’t be a worse friend you will be a better person for your self, your friends and your family.
Take the leap today and find out more.

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Pause and Think:(REF: Becoming a Christian)


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